this might even not be the worst at all

Shit!  Im so tired of feeling this way... like something is tearing me in to pieces,
lts scratching and digging inside of my chest. It's eating me from inside, alive.
Some days I believe its empty, but in the end of the day I found out that I am wrong.
It isn't empty, it never will be hollow, but it will remain aching, missing something.
Since the day we met, nothing has ever been the same... Or everything has changes.
You had me good, I was yours. And I can't help the tears from running down my cheek,
painful as this is. Worst of all, I know you are the only one powerful enought to
change it all, to better or worse. And it scares me, this might not even be the
worst at all... There is so much pain left to survive and so many tears to drop...

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