When I see you I smile, even if you are the reason why I'm sad.

You are becoming one of those things people want so bad, 
but won't work hard enough to get it, because they are afraid, or because
they don't know what to do to ever reach it. You started as a small wish, 
and became a dream come true, then an everyday thought... and we all
get a little lost sometimes, and we all forget the value of things sometimes.
Now you're one of those things, and I am afraid, and I don't know what to do to
reach to you again. I can feel, you are slowly fadeing away, from my mind, my reality.
You'll be out of reach in a second or two. I feel strange by the way its becoming clear,
cause so little had changes since yesterday but when I look a way far back
everything is different. All I still do, is I love you. 
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